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tips on passing home inspection

Ok, now you have your home ready for buyers to view. You have cleaned, painted, staged and your home smells good. What are buyers looking closely at these days?

  • Age and condition of the furnace and central air conditioner

  • Visual examination of the furnace, water heater and other gas-fired appliances

  • Age and condition of the roof

  • Signs of decay, damage or water entry around windows and doors

  • Inside and outside electrical outlets for saftey issues

  • A sufficient amount of insulation

  • Type and condition of electrical systems

  • Chimneys for signs of settlement, flue lines or damaged crown

  • Condition of:

  • Condition of:

    • The basement

    • Wall/structural

    • Proper grading and drainage

    • Pre-existing water problems

    • Potential mold concerns

If you are not keenly well versed in these systems and structures, a presale home inspection might just be the answer for you. Being proactive in the repairs will give you time to do the repairs while the home is on the market instead of having to do them in a rush prior to close. As part of my turnkey solutions, I can guide you with names of reputable home inspectors are well as trade and services people to do the repairs. With so many homes on the market these days, buyers are looking for the most sound home for the least price. Having your home ready in advance may just be the reason your home sold over the home down the street for the same price.

Home Inspection Companies

  • Jim Krausmann 313.886.1262
  • Bill Tuthill 313.510.4950
  • Guardian, Dan Solomon 248.681.8040
  • Picket Fences, Matt 586.615.1631
  • Accuspec Dave Jones 248.335.3196, cell # 248.393.1250 

​Please Note: These Home Inspection Companies listed are provided strictly as a convenience for you. You may also find your own home inspectors through referral or phone books.

Homeowners Insurance:

Don Beardsley, State Farm Insurance 313.387.9497

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