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Real Estate News and More Frequently Asked Questions

Do's and Don'ts when showing your home

To have the best possible advantage in showing your home, you

must be able to look at it objectively, as though you were a

potential buyer. Since a home is such an emotional purchase,

people often base their choice on feelings. Regardless of your

location and price, if something about your home "feels wrong" the Buyer will look elsewhere.

The first impression is critical:

  • Make sure your lawn is cut and the kids toys are picked up, Trim back bushes and put some potted plants along side the front door.

  • Take a close look at the front door, freshen it up. Spend some extra money and put a spectacular wreath on the door. Make your home look inviting to walk in.

Readying the Inside:

  • Clean up the clutter, it will make the room look larger.

  • Clean off the kitchen counters and put some fresh flowers in the room.

  • Make the house sparkle as best you can.

Bring on the Buyers:

  • Make yourself scarce. Buyers feel like intruders when the owners are present

  • Leave the showing up to your Realtor when possible.

  • Leave on lights everywhere. The more lights the better the house will show.