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Are Elevators becoming the Wave of the Future?

Many people prefer a two-story home or condo for its appearance and

ability to isolate the bedrooms from the higher activity level first floor

rooms. Two story homes also are often less expensive to build than a

ranch home or condo of the same square footage and provide more

design flexibility and smaller lots. Empty nesters especially do not

want a big lawn to maintain.

Installing an elevator in a home is certainly an option and is becoming

more popular as the general population ages. Small elevators, about the

size of a coat closet, are specifically designed for residential application, yet they include all the commercial safely features. The cost of installing an elevator starts at about $12,000. If this allows you to build a two-story home instead of a ranch, you will reduce the building cost with a smaller foundation and roof. You also will have a greater lot selection because slop lots, where the garage may have to be built under the house will now be feasible with an elevator. These factors are especially true on waterfront and golf course property.

The cost to operate an elevator in not great, it requires a 220-volt service similar to and electric range. It moves at about 40 feet per minute, so it takes less than 30 seconds to move from floor to floor.

For more information on where to find companies that offer residential elevators, call me at 586.294.5055.

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