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curb appeal, what does it mean?

Have you ever noticed that one home, on the same block of almost

identical homes, will sell right away while another home will stay on

the market for a much longer time or sometimes not sell at all? Curb

appeal can play a big roll. Your home needs to say from a glance 

"Come In Buyers, I'm the Dream Home You Have Been Looking For"

According to HGTV, curb appeal can require extensive renovation of the front of your house. Not necessary! It can be achieved with much simpler steps.

Curb appeal means attracting the interest of the passerby. Stand back and pretend you're that person. Visualize what attracted you the first time you saw your home. Bring out and spruce up the strongest features. The front door is your centerpiece. A fresh coat of paint in a harmonizing color will draw the eye there first. Polish the doorknob, knocker and window. Place attractive pots of greens or flowers near the door. Stretch your imagination. Trim shrubs and accent them with spring flowers with the color around your door. Simplicity, neatness and harmony result in real curb appeal that gives the onlooker or potential buyer a sense that the entire home is well cared for! And that's what you want them to know!

I will be happy to discuss with you these ideas, as well as other showing ideas that just may put your home on the top of the list of desirable home during this "Buyers" market, when you are ready to list your home with me.

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