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what is abr?

The Accredited Buyer Representative (ABR) designation is the

benchmark of excellence in buyer representation. This coveted

designation is awarded to real estate practitioners who meet the

specified educational and practical experience criteria required by

the Real Estate Buyers Agent Council, REBAC.

The ABR® designation not only gives agents the skills and knowledge to guide a buyer through the home-buying process, but it comes with a wealth of resources and tools to help today’s agents adapt to a continuously changing market. Among various marketing tools, REBAC members have access to a Home Buyer’s toolkit, a comprehensive home buying guide as well as consumer one-sheets to use at buyer counseling sessions and customizable marketing materials to promote the value of working with an ABR® designee.

Now that you’re looking for a home, why should you look for an ABR® Realtor first?

Because your Buyer’s Representative is the link between you and buying your home.

Buyer’s Representatives work for you – the buyer. Helping you find the right home, at the right price. It’s their job to make your home search a smooth and easy process. So, before you start looking for your home, find your Buyer’s Representative first.

Are all Buyer’s Representatives the same?

The search for your home starts with choosing the best buyer’s representative you can find. By selecting an Accredited Buyer Representative (ABR®) you can be sure you are getting excellent service from qualified and experienced Realtors.

When you see the letters ABR after a Realtor’s name, rest assured you are dealing with a certified buyer’s representative. That means your Realtor has completed the appropriate training and requirements for an ABR designation from the Real Estate BUYERS AGENT Council (REBAC).

So, what does the ABR Designation mean?

An ABR Designation means your Realtor has achieved a high level of proficiency and education in their field. An ABR Buyer’s Representative must successfully fulfill the following requirements:

  • Complete the ABR Designation Course and exam.

  • Complete an ABR elective course and exam.

  • Present documentation of 5 completed closing transactions as the sole buyer representative.

  • Maintain membership with the Real Estate BUYERS AGENT Council and the National Association of REALTORS®.

Why do I need a Buyer’s Representative?

A real estate buyer’s representative works for you, the buyer, making sure you get the home you want - for a price you want. Your buyer’s representative has the professional expertise and knowledge to help you find the right home for your needs.

Your representative works on your behalf, putting your interests first, so you can buy your home with confidence and ease.

Your buyer representative will:

  • Help determine locations and neighborhoods to fit your interests.

  • Find properties in those locations to suit your needs.

  • Help you establish an affordable price range.

  • Preview properties and accompany you to showings.

  • Examine and research properties for possible issues or problems.

  • Advise you in making a purchase offer.

  • Present your offer to the seller.

  • Negotiate the price for you.

  • Help you get the appropriate financing for your property.

  • Assist you in finding experienced and professional vendors for additional services such as movers, painters, carpenters, etc.

About the Real Estate BUYER’S AGENT Council

Members of the Real Estate BUYER’S AGENT Council (REBAC) are committed to providing you, as a buyer, with the best service possible. REBAC was founded as a way for Realtors to demonstrate their dedication to being exceptional Buyer’s Representatives. REBAC now has over 40,000 members. And everyday the numbers are growing.

All REBAC members must successfully complete the ABR Designation Course to join. So you know every member is an educated and skilled Buyer Representative. REBAC members benefit from being a part of a well-informed network of buyer representatives. And those benefits are passed along to you when you work with an ABR.

When finding the right home is your topmost priority, make sure your Realtor is an Accredited Buyer’s Representative, because serving your best interests is their topmost priority.

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